Interested in running Room Display?

Room Display is offered in two ways; software/hardware bundles or license-only. SW/HW bundles are offered through our resellers in Sweden, Denmark and UK (You can find contact details on our reseller page). License-only is sold through requesting a quote on our Buy & Contact page.

Ready to try it out? You can download our fully functional trial of Room Display via Google Play or download manually via our website.




"A stunning application! What a great application. We have set this up across our
meeting rooms and have extremely positive feedback from all our staff who use them. the integration to exchange is superb and the application is very stable. We have had a a custom ceiling mount made for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and the charging cable fits inside the mounting pole for a professional install. We have had exceptional response from the developer and the ongoing updates have added to the look and functionality of room display overall. Highly recommended!"

                                        Jonathan Hall, Waikato District Council

"Great App! Installing the paid version on 26 conference rooms. Has been a hit with employees."
                                        Kade Ross,

Room Display


Room Display is a professional app that works perfect on a 7"/10" Android tablet. Its sole purpose is to run on a wall mounted tablet next to all conference rooms at the office. It then utilizes Androids built-in support for most calendar systems, including Microsoft Exchange and Google Calendar, to display the current status for each meeting room. Room Display has been implemented by IT and Facility Management Professionals in hundreds of offices worldwide.

Meeting Overview


The highly customizable main view displays the status of a room through a simple status bar. Green indicates available, yellow shows a pending reservation, and red means the room is busy. Users can easily see the status of the room and, if desired, the name of the meeting organizer.



Quick Book lets users book resources while at the display outside the room. A few quick taps is all you need to reserve a room without the need for a computer. Quick Book can be disabled for a pure digital signage mode.

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